....for Bizkaia's Compact Steel Company (ACB).

MONTAJES EISSEN, S.A. has carried out the assembly of 4 furnaces for Bizkaia's Compact Steel Company (ACB): 2 x 150 Ton electric furnaces and another 2 Ladle treatment furnaces.

In addition, it has carried out the supply, construction and erection of 2 steel mill fume and dust collection canopies measuring 26 x 25 x 6.5 metres high and weighing 125 Tons per unit.

The complete filtration system has also been assembled by MONTAJES EISSEN, S.A. : funnel, fans, booster, decantation and refrigeration chambers, dust collection silos, a complete 5,200 mm diam. pipe system, and internal refrigeration pipes from the furnace opening.

Also, it has carried out the assembly of equipment and refrigeration, compressed air, hydraulics, oxygen, argon, nitrogen and gas networks, for the servicing of the 2 electric furnaces and for the ladle treatment

It has also carried out the complete installation of the water purifying plant for the laminar flow, including its corresponding thickeners, filters, settlers, equipment and piping (overhead and buried).. MONTAJES EISSEN, S.A. has performed the complete assembly of additive systems, including moving belts, and the integral assembly of the additive weighing and ferro-feeding systems.

Likewise, the mechanical assembly of 5 refrigeration towers was carried out by MONTAJES EISSEN, S.A.