ssembly  & nstallation

Assembly of Gas Furnaces for Regenerative Burners.
Turnkey installation of electric furnaces for iron and steel metallurgy.
Erections for Copper Pipeline Bright Annealing.
Automatic additive storage and transport plant assembly.
Turnkey assembly of continuous casting.
Integral maintenance of iron and steel equipment.
Program stops.
Assembly and maintenance of coolers in the Iron and Steel industry.
Descaling and galvanising lines.
Re-circulation and exhaust circuits for industrial plants.
Turnkey assembly of fume collection and purification systems, for steel mills.
Assembly of Bridge, Harbour Cranes, Transtainer, Crane booms...
Integral maintenance of transportation elements, loading and lifting equipment.
Rail and translation way alignment and changing.
Turnkey delivery of fume purifying plants and environmental plants.
Integral maintenance for refining plants, chemical and petrochemical industries.